Change the way you see the world with pebble.

Revolutionizing the way you manage, operate and interact with your physical assets, pebble provides a bridge between the digital and physical worlds by putting your building right in your pocket.

pebble provides a secure interaction point for all levels of the CRE organization with access to connected apps, analytics, services and more.

Customer Service

End users experience a supreme level of on demand service which allows you to be there for your customers exactly when needed most.


pebble offers a single platform with advanced BIM integration methods that lower the costs associated with systems integration and data management.

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What is pebble?

Digital Twin

pebble is a digital twin platform that provides the foundation for all future services and advanced solutions such as AI, predictive maintenance, simulations and more. It is a bridge between the digital world and your assets regardless of the type of system or manufacturer.


With pebble, complicated data sets are broken down into easy to understand Animated Insights, widgets and graphical interactions that are always up to date with real time data. 


Why are companies choosing pebble?

While other digital twin companies only offer solutions for implementing digital twin technology with new construction, we are able to apply that same technology to existing buildings with ease. This allows our customers to reduce maintenance costs and prevent operational breakdowns before they happen. They also experience reduced energy expenditures by leveraging the historical data across all aspects of their buildings.

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“Animated Insights™ Inc. has revolutionized the way that physical assets can be managed, controlled & interacted with"

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