Eliminate the cost of conducting on-site audits across multiple vendors. With pebble, you can grant secure access to your spatially accurate digital twin so things like cable runs, asset information gathering and other types of solution audits can be accomplished with ease and without ever setting foot on site.

Take advantage of the 24/7 on demand service infrastructure provided by Animated Insights or integrate existing service infrastructures to enhance the efficiency of operational workflows.

Eliminate the need for multiple systems and user interfaces for your services and solutions. With pebble, you can use an existing BIM or create a new 3D model to consolidate various systems, software, and static/dynamic data sets into one hyper intelligent digital twin operating system for your building.

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       The pebble digital twin platform can be as detailed as you would like by adding additional layers of interactive data to your digital twin. Pebble allows for expansion at any time. Whether it is dynamic data from things like sensors and software or static data like HVAC, plumbing and electrical, pebble provides seamless integration into one accessible model.

         These are just a few examples of the components and software that can be integrated into an existing BIM or new unified model. 


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